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There’s a plan video creating it’s manner through varied BBM teams that i'm a member of. The
conception video is for the BlackBerry KEY3. strangely enough, it’s not a replacement video. it absolutely was revealed back at the tip of Gregorian calendar month, however appears to be finding out some sharing steam. The video description claims that it's supported “latest rumors and leaks”. Now, I’ll admit, I’ve been out of the loop for a touch, however I’d like to apprehend wherever these rumors and leaks area unit returning from, as a result of I haven’t detected any.

First, let Maine begin with the great. It’s a really nice set of renderings. I would like I had the talent and skills to form a practical trying rendering like that. To those who created it, good job.

Now, for the vital half. BlackBerry Mobile, please don’t try this. Please don’t do something like this
Now you’ve seen the video. If you haven’t seen it already, and you’re a BlackBerry fan like myself, it’s in all probability got you excited pondering succeeding BlackBerry phone. However, if you’re like Maine, you almost certainly saw some obtrusive problems with the phone. Let’s run through them.

Issue #1: the scale.

A 5.5″ screen? i purchase it. folks desire a larger screen. of us on block phones consider the KEY series phones and simply can’t imagine having a phone thereupon tiny of a screen. of us like Maine consider folks on block phones and surprise why they’re selecting to sort on glass once there's a more robust manner. the very fact is, we have a tendency to trade off screen size for a physical keyboard, and I’m whole pleased with that. The 4.5″ screen is totally usable, and that i honestly can’t think about a time that I’ve complained about screen size on a KEY series device. a similar can’t be aforementioned regarding earlier BlackBerry phones.

I do believe that the screen on the KEY devices might probably be a bit bit larger. however a full inch? No. Not at all. The phone would become prime serious and unwieldy. not might it's a 1 handed  device.

Issue #2: The Keyboard

One of the best enhancements of the KEY2 over the KEYone is that the stretching of the keyboard. it's going to not seem to be a lot of viewing it, however once you employ it, the 2 hundredth larger keys of the KEY2 area unit a huge improvement. currently why would you probably shrink the keys backtrack to KEYone size on the KEY3? OH yea, to induce a bigger screen. whole not worthwhile.

Issue #3: The Chin

Again, this selection was clearly created so as to own a bigger screen on the phone. The chin has been removed. sadly, you wish a chin with the physical keyboard. This tall phone with the larger screen and no chin below the keyboard would build this keyboard utterly unusable.

Issue #4: The Camera

Why modification the orientation of the camera? so as to create it seem like Associate in Nursing iPhone? No many thanks sir. No many thanks.

Issue #5: The Notch

This is the biggie. The notch.

No. No. No.

Right now, this is often a deal breaker on behalf of me. United Nations agency knows? Once i assumed golem would be a deal breaker on behalf of me, and I’m currently crazy my KEY2 quite any past BlackBerry phone. But now, at this moment, I can’t imagine employing a phone with a notch on that. i really believe that the notch can sometime be checked out together of these embarrassing style decisions that makers are embarrassed by. on behalf of me to use a BlackBerry with a notch, there'll ought to be some fairly extreme innovations to offset that style selection, and this rendering doesn’t cut it.

The biggest flaw I see with this device? It appears to be a “me-too” device. It appears to be somebody on the QT needing to flip a BlackBerry into Associate in Nursing iPhone. From the camera orientation to the notch, to the alternatives created which might build the keyboard unusable so as to own a bigger screen, this style appears to be created by somebody United Nations agency has ne'er truly used a BlackBerry KEY device. i actually fancy seeing conception phones, however I’d like to see some created with perform in mind.
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